Westbrook & Sons Auctioneers


Contract Includes:

  • Making a list of merchandise and taking pictures if needed.
  • Flyers printed (to be distributed to our mailing list and displayed around local area).
  • Auction will be posted on our website and sent to our email list.
  • All placement of ads – (dollar amount spent will be discussed).
  • Use of Westbrook & Sons Auctioneers equipment – tables, PA system, etc., if needed.
  • Complete set up and organization of merchandise (packing and some cleanup, if needed).
  • Food wagon and port-a-potties will be on location day of auction if deemed necessary.
  • Itemized list of each item sold will be given at time of settlement

Fees Included

  • Commission will be charged on the gross total of auction (Percentage to be discussed between WASA & seller)
  • Ads will be charged to seller- (maximum dollars to be spent will be discussed and agreed upon between WASA & seller)
  • Port-a-potties (if necessary) cost will be charged to seller.

Online Auction Services:  

  •  WASA conducts online auction services for your business or estate.  Please call us at 307-745-5815 for more details and to discuss your options.

Appraisal Services Offered:

If you need an appraisal for a divorce or to settle an estate, we can provide that for you.  A professionally typed appraisal will be provided to the client.  Appraisal fees are charged on an hourly basis. Please give us a call for more information.